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Let’s play a game!


What measures 9 x 6 x 0.3 inches, weighs 9.1 oz and will get sticky if you’re not careful?



ECU Cover 5-6-14

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SB Alexander – Thanks for the Spotlight!

SB Alexander - Thanks for the Spotlight!

It’s nothing but ‘work, work, work’ all the time…

It's nothing but 'work, work, work' all the time...

Working on Over-Exposed, but still have Braden on my mind…


My Preference

My Preference

I prefer teasers that are evocative, rather than obvious. This one’s practically G-rated, but it’s still sexy, isn’t it?

This Review…

I feel like Amanda Hootie Clark found the picture I drew of the writer I aspire to be and hung it on the door of her fridge.

{Review} Extreme Closeup (Perspectives #1) by Julie Jaret


Review: Extreme Close-Up (Perspectives #1) by Julie Jaret

Review: Extreme Close-Up (Perspectives #1) by Julie Jaret.