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Time Warp

Kinda ran low on blogworthy stuff to say after I got my foot wedged in the door of Hollywood. There’s little I’ve learned or seen or done since then that hasn’t already been covered by the heavier-hitters of the Scribosphere.

And frankly, I procrasturbate too much as it is.

A close friend of mine is successful and prolific-as-hell novelist, Stephanie Bond.  A few years ago, Steph read my novella, Bryan’s Girlfriend, and said a bunch of nice things about it.  Since then, she’s gently but strongly encouraged me to write novels.

I love screenwriting.  I spent a decade studying the craft.  I sold a spec and saw the movie made with real actors and a real budget without having to move to L.A. or blow anybody.  I got to walk the red carpet and watch the premiere of my movie at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.  I wrote and directed a short film couple years ago that I think I’ll be very proud of when editing is finally done.

So yeah.  I love writing movies and I don’t suck at it.

But as it turns out, my alter-ego has stories to tell that are more in line with books I’d want to read, rather than movies I’d want to watch.  So while some of my scripts gather dust on various well-regarded desks in Hollywood, I’m giving her free rein.

It was a struggle at first, switching from screenwriting to prose; the ability to write what characters are thinking, when for the last decade I could only write “what we can see.”  Plus, the luxury of adding description and adjectives… we don’t do much of that in scripts and it was hard to find my voice and figure out how much was too much vs. not enough.  But I’ve gotten a few early reviews of Extreme Close-Up and they’ve been encouraging.  And once I got the hang of it, I really enjoyed the writing.

Think I could be onto something here…