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And that’s a wrap on week one!

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Over-Exposed – coming 9/23!

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She’s all work.

Fifteen years ago, Natalie Simmons reinvented herself with a single goal: to earn her father’s respect.  The frivolous, attention-seeking college girl is now a workaholic lawyer on partnership track.

That is, until Sam Danmore shows up.

He’s all play.

He’s gorgeous, famous, arrogant as ever, and can still drench her panties with a look and a grin — a fact which only reinforces how much she hates him.  And wants him.

When an obsessed fan forces Sam into hiding, Natalie has to help him or risk getting caught up in the media frenzy, herself.  But her unwanted, yet deepening attraction to him threatens the new life she has built… because Sam has spent the last fifteen years living up to his reputation, and Natalie is still trying to live hers down.


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Street Team Members Wanted!

Street Team Members Wanted!


Go here:

SB Alexander – Thanks for the Spotlight!

SB Alexander - Thanks for the Spotlight!

It’s nothing but ‘work, work, work’ all the time…

It's nothing but 'work, work, work' all the time...

Working on Over-Exposed, but still have Braden on my mind…


My Preference

My Preference

I prefer teasers that are evocative, rather than obvious. This one’s practically G-rated, but it’s still sexy, isn’t it?

On this Throwback Thursday

On this Throwback Thursday

Think I was about 14 when I was perusing my mom’s books and thought this one looked interesting. The rest is history. 😉

Updated Cover Reveal!

Updated Cover Reveal!

Many thanks to the lovely and eloquent Amanda Hootie Clark for necessitating this cover update.

Optimal conditions here in the coal mine today…  




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