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ECU teaser 5A
Extreme Close-Up


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Street Team Members Wanted!

Street Team Members Wanted!


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SB Alexander – Thanks for the Spotlight!

SB Alexander - Thanks for the Spotlight!

This Review…

I feel like Amanda Hootie Clark found the picture I drew of the writer I aspire to be and hung it on the door of her fridge.

{Review} Extreme Closeup (Perspectives #1) by Julie Jaret


On this Throwback Thursday

On this Throwback Thursday

Think I was about 14 when I was perusing my mom’s books and thought this one looked interesting. The rest is history. 😉

As Preachy as I’m Ever Likely to Get

“You’re perfect in every other way, but I told myself I’d never date another brunette.”

Writing Rule #567: 
Somebody’s personal rule about relationships really doesn’t constitute an obstacle.

*Free 4/25-4/27*

*Free 4/25-4/27*

“I need a cold shower. No joke, I need it right now… One of the hottest novellas of the year for me.” –Breezy Kirkpatrick, B’s Beauty & Books


I’d finally fallen asleep after sheet-wrestling alone for the third night in a row. It’s not that I can’t keep myself occupied. I’ve got a rich imagination and I’m not afraid to use it. But nothing else feels like his mouth on me and my own fingers are too smooth and small to fill me like his. So I didn’t even mind when, in the wee hours, something cool and bumpy rasped my nipples awake through my old wife-beater tank.

He’d bought me a journal — a gorgeous thing, its blue velvet cover embellished with pearl-beaded curlicues. I’d never kept a journal before and I loved it immediately (and not just because he used it to do the nipple thing).

New Teaser!

New Teaser!

Extreme Close-Up

Extreme Close-Up
He’s hot, young… and way off-limits.

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Giveaway ~ Extreme Close-Up ~

To celebrate Release Day, Andrea over at The Bookish Babe is hosting a Giveaway!

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Extreme Close-Up ~ Coming this Friday 3/28!!!

Extreme Close-Up ~ Coming this Friday 3/28!!!