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Fifty Shades Filmed

I’ve been kinda ambivalent about it. I liked the books, but have read others in the genre before and since that I enjoyed more. I’ll see the movie, of course, and I’m self-aware enough to know I’ll be hot for Jamie after watching, despite my lack of enthusiasm for the casting.  🙂

I have a lot of friends in common with Kelly Marcel and Dana Brunetti (screenwriter and producer) and have interacted with them a bit online in my screenwriting life. My hopes for the movie were dismal until they were involved, but I thought if anyone could make a film adaptation without it becoming a total joke, it would be them. And per this Vanity Fair review, it appears they succeeded! Yay!!

Regardless of anyone’s opinion of the books or the movie, this series has opened a lot of eyes and minds, especially here in the uptight, Bible-belted USA. It’s created a massive cultural evolution, and I’m excited to play a teen-tiny, smut-writing part in it.