Hello, from the precipice of the Cliffs of Insanity!

I started climbing in ’02 – sometimes giving it my best effort, sometimes lazily. Always reading and listening and watching and learning. Eventually, I pulled close enough to touch knuckles with the people on top.

Then I really dug in and took a leap of faith… and the Universe lowered a rope to help me up and let me grab a rock and catch my breath before fighting again.

It’s been a while – longer than I’d hoped — but this week there may finally be Movement in the Right Direction on a couple of work fronts.

Time to dig in again, ‘cause ready or not, the Universe has been more than fair.


About Julie Jaret

Julie Jaret is an American screenwriter with one feature film produced and some others on deck. Her alter-ego needed an outlet, so here we are. Julie lives in the southeast U.S. with her sexy and supportive husband, two funny and beautiful kids, and one big doofus of a dog. She enjoys living vicariously through her fictional characters, often to the point of distraction... (Luckily, her hubby and kids know not to expect dinner at a certain time. Or at all.)

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  1. Yea! (I think)Can I be your Gurkha?

  2. You mean “Sherpa,” dumbass.

  3. Damn, anonymous is right, about the Sherpa and the dumbass!I withdraw my job application.

  4. If “sensei” is taken, then I call dibs on “boodleboy.”Pencil me in for “gruppenfuehrer” if that’s all you got left....flailing for a title B

  5. Wishing you all the best! 🙂

  6. You know there’s a boat ramp just around that corner…

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